Wishful Thinking Wednesday: Private Jet

“It’s the dream, isn’t it? Hiring a private jet to travel in peace and luxury, far removed from the seat-kickers and screaming babies of airline travel.

But for some private jet travellers, serenity and solitude simply aren’t enough: they won’t travel without specifying a bunch of weird and wonderful requirements…”

Read the rest of the story (originally published in The Telegraph) HERE.

2 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking Wednesday: Private Jet

  1. Actually we did some research ourselves into private jet travel. It does cost a lot more compared to coach or even business/first class, but it is not like astronomical as some suggest. It depends on the type of jet and how many people.

    1. Very cool! Thank you so much for that information! I will keep that in mind for future higher end clients! 🙂

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