Feel Good Friday: Candyman

I recently came across a great ad for Enterprise Rent-A-Car about one of their shuttle bus drivers. It struck a chord with me because we had an experience with a shuttle bus driver on our most recent vacation that really left us smiling.

At the busy Newark Airport, hordes of exhausted travelers were waiting in the hotel shuttle area for their respective rides. To say that this situation is confusing is an understatement. You not only have your Holiday Inn shuttle, but your Holiday Inn Airport and Holiday Inn Express shuttles. It’s daunting, to say the least. And no one wants to board the wrong shuttle after being in airports and in the air for a full day…and then have to wait another half hour/hour for the shuttle to return them to the airport and start all over again. We saw this happen to a couple from overseas and we felt so bad for them.

Back at the Newark Airport…one shuttle driver took it upon himself (and you could tell he does this every single day of his life) to stand up and announce as loudly as possible every single shuttle that was pulling in. He answered everyone’s questions with a smile on his face and he was beyond friendly. His job was to serve one hotel. But, because he was a kind person, he helped everyone. These are the people who make travel enjoyable and bring feelings of lightness to a heavy journey. These people are everywhere, every day. And it’s nice to see one of their stories highlighted: FULL VIDEO HERE

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