Introducing: Fathom Impact Travel

A new generation of traveler is now emerging, as Millennials come of age in a world where ¬†connectivity is inherent. The industry is seeing a new trend in travelers who don’t just want to sight-see and shop, but who also want to effect social change and impact the world in charitable ways. It’s called impact travel. Fathom Impact Travel (owned by Carnival Corporation) has just launched with an initial itinerary in the Dominican Republic. On May 1, Fathom will make history and carry the first Americans to sail to Cuba in over 50 years.

Travelers enjoy a medium-sized ship (approx 750 passengers) with all the classic cruise amenities, but instead of the usual port-of-call routines, shore excursions are included in the cruise fare. These excursions include standards such as touring, seeing the sights, etc but also include specific service activities that will have a positive effect on the community.

This week’s Feel Good Friday is the story of¬†one man’s experience on Fathom’s inaugural journey. And an in depth look at the Fathom Adonia’s first days at sea. Enjoy!



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